Meet Emily: How I Went from Pinterest Hater to Pinterest Doer

Welcome to a blog about four PR girls who are bringing social media to life. We are self-proclaimed authors on an eight week adventure into the depths of modern womanhood: Pinterest.

I’ll admit I have been a Pinterest hater for a while. When I first joined the site it became hours of looking at houses I will never have, clothes I cannot afford, and planning a wedding that is as realistic as the Vikings winning any sort of championship. To me the site became a place of unrealized dreams that left me constantly unsatisfied.

But I am not alone. In fact, a study conducted by TODAY Moms found that 42% of the 7,000 people surveyed felt depressed after using Pinterest.

I want to stop that. I want Pinterest to be real and doable. And I want to inspire women to think that they too can make their Pinterest boards a reality.

This blog is going to be a collection of posts about our Pinterest adventures. We are going to try to make Pinterest practical, because you can do the things you pin.

1012607_10152938969825125_194547377_n I am a 20-year-old college senior with limited time and money, so my Pinterest attempts are going to be inexpensive and quick.things we see on the site and document it to see if the pins are as amazing as they claim to be.

My projects may fail. The recipes I try might make others sick. The crafts I recreate may be uglier than the foam picture frame I brought home for Mother’s Day that my mom pretended to like. But hey, it doesn’t matter.

Like a friend told me: you are not the sum of your Pinterest board.

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4 thoughts on “Meet Emily: How I Went from Pinterest Hater to Pinterest Doer

  1. kirkistan says:

    Thanks for that: I don’t want to be the sum of all the boots I don’t own.

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