Sometimes DIY Means Do-It-Imperfectly

DIY t-shirt scarf

Time commitment: 20mins
Cost: free – assuming you have an unwanted shirt and scissors, otherwise most plain t-shirts run about $6-$10
Ease of activity: 5/10
“Re-pin” Worthiness: 6/10IMG_20140126_152305_264 (2)

Count ‘em: 1, 2, 3…35. I own 35 scarves. It’s an addiction, and I’m over here in the corner praying that scarves will forever be in style so I won’t have stop wearing them for fear of people telling me my neckwear is “so 2013!”

It starts off innocently enough. You buy a cute one at Kohl’s that goes with your favorite cardigan. Then you get some as Christmas gifts. Then you go to Europe for three weeks and come back with one from every city. And then you decide to take up crocheting. An introvert in front of the TV and 15 skeins of yarn later…

IMG_20140126_153911_673 (2)Needless to say, I wear a lot of scarves.

I’ve seen this DIY t-shirt scarf around Pinterest for a while, and it looked innocent enough for my collection. I took an unwanted tank-top of my sister’s and a scissors and got to work.

The first parts were easy enough: cutting, and stretching. When it got to the braiding and tying, I was wishing I had my Eagle Scout brother there to teach me his knot tying ways. Many of the end lengths didn’t match up which made connecting the two sides together tricky.

I made this one a little more difficult than I probably had to, but it was definitely harder than the pictures led me to believe. Overall it didn’t turn out horribly, and I’ll probably wear it occasionally. It’s just not my favorite.IMG_20140126_160942_792 (2)

Take-away: Pinterest looks easy, real life is not always so easy. This scarf looked simple and cute, but mine isn’t picture perfect. And that’s ok. I’m going to keep trying. There are other crafts that I love and succeed at. Here’s to trying, learning, and persevering.


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