Carbs and Electric Blankets – A Journey of Trying

Peasant Bread

Time commitment: 4 hoursIMG_20140207_171904_964
Cost: $18
Ease of activity: 5/10
“Re-pin” Worthiness: 7/10

If only had to eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be bread. Seriously. Carbs are fantastic, and bread goes with just about every meal.

I love baking, but have never actually made my own bread from scratch before. So, as I was browsing through Pinterest I found a recipe that I knew I kneaded to try. (Sorry for that pun, I just couldn’t resist…)

IMG_20140207_193719_265Well, little did I know that there was a reason that I’ve never made bread before: it’s hard.

The recipe I found has only a few ingredients, and mixing them together doesn’t take long. However, having the bread rise was not as easy as it looked. To get the dough to rise I had to cover the bowls with a heated blanket on high for about 45 minutes. Let’s just say that an electric blanket is not on the list of ingredients.IMG_20140207_202617_041

Regardless of the unconventional baking methods, the bread turned out pretty well. There’s almost nothing better than warm, fresh bread and this recipe definitely fit the bill.

It’s not an overly cheap or fast project for the time and money deficient among us, but trying something new was worth it. And having delicious bread at the end of it was rewarding too.


So I encourage you to look on your Pinterest boards. What is on there that you’ve been dying to try? It may be hard, it may take more time and money than you’d prefer, but jump in anyway. All I’m asking is that you try.


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4 thoughts on “Carbs and Electric Blankets – A Journey of Trying

  1. This looks so good, I can’t wait to try it!

  2. kirkistan says:

    Yeah bread! Hey: check out my first boule ever:

  3. […] 6. Sometimes you need ingredients (or tools) that aren’t on the recipe. […]

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