Spreading Handmade Love

Homemade Valentine Card

IMG_20140206_193042_824Time commitment: 10 mins
Cost: $3-$4; or use old scraps of paper like I did and it’s free
Ease of activity: 9/10
“Re-pin” Worthiness: 9/10

Well, it’s that time of year again. And by that, I mean it’s the time of year when roses are $350 a dozen and chocolates in the shape of hearts are more populous than China.

No, I’m not bitter that it’s Valentine’s Day. But just don’t expect a non-sarcastic answer to anything said on Friday. I apologize in advance; it’s been a long week.IMG_20140206_192339_800

Anyway, February 14 doesn’t have to be a day where all the single people sharpen their pitchforks and go into hiding from all the twitterpated people in their midst. You can still spend the day spreading love.

IMG_20140206_193520_450Last week some of my friends and I decided to make valentines. I had seen a photo on Pinterest of a homemade valentine that I wanted to try and give to a friend of mine. The original was cute, but I knew I could do better. Adding a little newspaper behind the colors gave it a more rustic, hipster look.


Jane’s Valentine

The process was simple and quick and I ended up with a lovely card for friend. My 6-year-old friend Jane liked my idea so much that she tried it too. You know what they say: imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Takeaway: Valentine’s Day can be annoying. But take the opportunity to share love to a friend with a handmade gift or card.

 You can give without loving, but you can never love without giving.
~Victor Hugo Les Misérables

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2 thoughts on “Spreading Handmade Love

  1. kirkistan says:

    Hey–you taught me a new word. Thanks!

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