Lets go on an adventure.

fa7e564d76f79b510fc8def08c394f6c I’m in a place right now where I am really overhwlmed. Between juggling school, multiple jobs, searching for a full time job, and preparing for a summer trip overseas, I don’t have a lot of margin in my life. Sometimes I find myself discouraged. In these times the best thing anyone can say is, “Let’s go on an adventure!”

According to an article in Health Magazine getting fresh air and exercise can greatly improve your daily health. It’s beneficial to get our of my normal space and do something active and fun.  This actually helps my productivity instead of hurting it.

This weekend while buried under homework I was coxed by my roommate and her brother to join them on an adventure. We drove on icy roads down to the Global Market in Minneapolis and explored the colorful booths and food stands.  We even tried a delicious camel burger.

photo 58
Part of going on an adventure is uncertainty. You don’t know where you may end up. This is the exciting part. After we had our fill of camel burgers we drove around the cities, finally ending up by the Guthrie. We rode up and down the escalators and elevators, saw a beautiful view of the city, and almost saw the play showing that evening.

I mentioned that I had never crossed the Stone Arch Bridge before, so a few minutes later I found myself on the completely frozen bridge in ten degree temperature. Although none of us where dressed for the weather we had a great time sliding  our way across the bridge and down the other side. There was something special about not having a plan for the evening, just being able to appreciate what came our way, and finding joy in the friendship of adventuring together.

Like any perfect night, we ended with a good cup of coffee. What about you? Do you need to find some friends to adventure through life with.

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