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10 Pieces of Advice to Make Your Pinterest Practical

Well folks, it’s been about six weeks into this Pinterest adventure. I have to admit, I was skeptical. For years I swam against the tides of womanhood and did not use my Pinterest account. I had too many projects, recipes, outfits, and activities that I deemed undoable and unrealistic.

But here we are, 10 Pinterest attempts later, and I just may be singing a different tune. I have to admit that I really enjoyed myself. Pinterest is not only fun, but practical. Each time I tried a new pin I felt a surge of accomplishment and learned something new – even if it didn’t work.

So, you want to start making your Pinterest practical? Here are 10 pieces of advice I would give to you based on what I learned:

1. Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it.

2. Chocolate and peanut butter cure syllabus shock.

3. You don’t need a professional salary for a professional wardrobe.

4. The popular pins are not always the easy pins.

5. Saturday afternoons in winter were created for yarn projects.

6. Sometimes you need ingredients (or tools) that aren’t on the recipe.

7. Spread handmade love.

8. Household substances have multiple uses.

9. Invest in a black skirt.

10. Keep calm and love giraffes.

So that’s what I learned. It may not look like much, but I’m now a self-proclaimed Pinterest-user. The site can still be a huge time waster and a place where we lust after weddings, houses, and clothes we will never have. But now that I’ve actually tried to experience Pinterest, I see the fun and a way to use it for good.

When we first created Practically Pinterest we desired to do just that: make Pinterest practical. And we did. But in retrospect, maybe our title means more. Maybe, the four of us are so good that we’re practically Pinterest.


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Crisis in Ukraine

If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you’ve probably heard about the political unrest in Kiev, Ukraine. In case you’re not sure what the situation is, click here for a brief overview of Ukraine’s political history, and the most recent news updates.

g5tfhydihmyr7zcmo6xsEssentially, tension between the president and rioting civilians regarding the country’s political future has erupted, leaving Ukraine’s capital plagued with riots and protests, and balancing on the brink of a civil war. Fires have been set, bombs have exploded, statues have been torn down, government officials and civilians alike have been seriously wounded or killed, and while the violence has ceased, peace in Ukraine is far from accomplished.

As of today, the former president, Viktor Yanukovych, is in hiding with a mass murder arrest warrant on his head.  Parliament has issued elections to be held on May 25, but with Russia breathing threats, the future of Ukraine is still very uncertain.

33f206d4e7495aff178c77c139b45b04With plans to travel to Ukraine in May, I have been pinning beautiful photos of Kiev, the country’s capital, on Pinterest and dreaming of what it will be like once I get there. However, what used to be a city marked with historical pride and beauty is now a city covered in ash and flowers remembering those who lost their lives. A romantic and adventurous city now carries an aura of death and fear and uncertainty.

Although Ukraine is marked with pain and hurt, it is also marked by the bravery of those who love their country and have the courage to fight, and maybe even die, for what they believe in. Each flower and cross that lie in the square in Kiev remember a man or woman who gave their life to defend what they love.

Pray for Ukraine, friends. Pray for their future and pray for peace.

Meet Rachel :)

Hello, friends! My name is Rachel Knoop (pronounced kuh-nope) and, as seems to be the trend, I’m a senior PR major at the University of Northwestern – St. Paul. That’s basically where the similarities end, though, and I’ll be honest, when Sarah O., Sarah M., and Emily suggested the idea of a Pinterest blog, I had a mini heart attack and aCOLOR RUNll of my feminine shortcomings flooded my panicky mind.

  • I don’t have an artisticbone in my body
  • My cooking skills, well, they leave much to be desired
  • Unless you’re particularly fond of jeans and tye-dye, my fashion sense is about equivalent to that of a hamster

However, what I lack in culinary skills and artistic thinking, I make up for in crazy ideas and an adventurous attitude.

I love the outdoors, playing sports, exploring, travelling, and trying new things. My dream job is to be a stuntman for Red Bull. I’m also especially fond of orange juice, books, and mixing M&Ms with my popcorn.

Lucky for me, upon further research, it has come to my attention that Pinterest is more than just crafts and fashion trends and is, in fact, chock-full of fun ideas and exciting new things to try. I can’t wait to share some of them with you! As my favorite explorer (Russell from “Up”) once said, “Adventure is out there!” Here we go!

Meet the Other Sarah: Politics, Beauty and Sparkles

Photo courtesy of Nina Francine Photography

Photo courtesy of Nina Francine Photography

Hey! I’m Sarah. Like the other Sarah (Metraus), I am a senior public relations major at the University of Northwestern – St. Paul. I’m a political junkie and plan on making the transition to DC shortly after I graduate in May. I would love to work for an elected official on Capitol Hill or in a private organization doing political communications. At the moment I am interning for a congressional campaign in Minnesota Congressional District 6, my home district. If I could have any job in the world, I would love to be the White House Press Secretary (a la C.J. Cregg).

Outside of classes and my internship, I also juggle a part-time job, being Media Coordinator of the University of Northwestern College Republicans, being a director of the Youth Leadership PAC, finding time to catch up on all the TV I miss during the week (which ranges from The Bachelor to the Big Bang Theory), finishing my homework, and getting an adequate amount of sleep. Bringing me chocolate, coffee/tea, or  to the gun range will probably make you my new best friend.

I love Pinterest, like most twenty-something females! I pin a lot of beauty ideas, clothes, and sparkly things. No seriously, there is an entire board dedicated to sparkly things. I hope to discover a bunch of new things through writing on this blog and can’t wait to see how things go!

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Meet Emily: How I Went from Pinterest Hater to Pinterest Doer

Welcome to a blog about four PR girls who are bringing social media to life. We are self-proclaimed authors on an eight week adventure into the depths of modern womanhood: Pinterest.

I’ll admit I have been a Pinterest hater for a while. When I first joined the site it became hours of looking at houses I will never have, clothes I cannot afford, and planning a wedding that is as realistic as the Vikings winning any sort of championship. To me the site became a place of unrealized dreams that left me constantly unsatisfied.

But I am not alone. In fact, a study conducted by TODAY Moms found that 42% of the 7,000 people surveyed felt depressed after using Pinterest.

I want to stop that. I want Pinterest to be real and doable. And I want to inspire women to think that they too can make their Pinterest boards a reality.

This blog is going to be a collection of posts about our Pinterest adventures. We are going to try to make Pinterest practical, because you can do the things you pin.

1012607_10152938969825125_194547377_n I am a 20-year-old college senior with limited time and money, so my Pinterest attempts are going to be inexpensive and quick.things we see on the site and document it to see if the pins are as amazing as they claim to be.

My projects may fail. The recipes I try might make others sick. The crafts I recreate may be uglier than the foam picture frame I brought home for Mother’s Day that my mom pretended to like. But hey, it doesn’t matter.

Like a friend told me: you are not the sum of your Pinterest board.

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Meet Sarah

My name is Sarah Metraus and I am a senior at the University of Northwestern –St. Paul, in Minnesota. I plan to graduate this upcoming May with a degree in Public Relations. I love college life, and I have spent the last two years of my college career working on the student Residence Life staff at UNW. I really enjoyed my job as a Resident Assistant and now as the Assistant Resident Director, and I am considering a degree in Student Development in the future.
A communicator by nature, I started talking when I was only seven months old. As the oldest of four children, I was never at a lack for someone to talk to growing up. I took my love of communication to the next level when I decided to major in Public Relations in college. No matter where I take my future career I want to invest in people, hear their story, and hopefully encourage them to become better communicators too.
I love drinking coffee, reading books, running outdoors, having deep conversations, and traveling. One of my greatest opportunities was spending three weeks in Nepal last summer. It is my dream to road trip across all 50 states and blog about my experience.
I hope this blog is a place where I get to explore my creative side, make some things I want to try, and improve my writing skills. I’m sure things will get a little messy along the way. Thanks for joining me on this journey. I hope my projects can inspire you and make you laugh.


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