Fake Pearls and Colored Jeans

c4e34526e438b8699b2aa8770800d510Pinterest is full of pretty girls wearing the latest clothing and styles. Although this can be a great inspiration to creating outfits, it also can be a catalyst to simply want more clothes. I have never actually tried an outfit from Pinterest but I decided to put this one together using clothes I already have!

Even though my clothes look different than the ones in this picture, the outfit is still a similar style and it is inspired by this pin.

photo 52I chose yellow colored skinny jeans, a blue chambray shirt, a grey v neck sweater, blue flats, and a fake pearl necklace. It is a simple look but it has a bit of a dressier feel to it. I added a fake pearl bracelet and a fun watch as well.

It’s great to pin fun ideas on Pinterest but I also think it’s also important to see what we can create from things we already have. What do you think?  Would you try an outfit similar to this? Have you ever recreated an outfit from Pinterest?

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When “Endless Blue” is a Little Too Real

Nail polish stain remover

Time commitment: 5 minutes
Cost: Free
Ease of activity: 8/10
“Re-Pin” Worthiness: 8/10

IMG_20140129_211613_253I’ve never been one for nail polish, but last year I found this great brand at Target called “Sinful Colors” that was cheap and lasted without chipping too much. Don’t worry about the title of the brand though; the nail polish has yet to be responsible for leading me down the path to unrighteousness.

I ended up buying eight colors and have since made painting my nails a regular activity. One of my favorite colors is a bright blue called “Endless Blue.” (Does someone actually get paid to come up with these names? Does this person get fulfillment out of his/her job? Is this what all the people who major in women’s studies end up doing? These are the questions that keep me up at night.)

Little did I know how true the polish was to its name. After wearing it for a week I used nail polish remover to take off the color. But *gasp* my nails were still blue.IMG_20140129_213304_540

In the past when this had happened I would just keep repainting my nails until they grew long enough where you couldn’t see the color anymore. However, Pinterest came to the rescue.

With some toothpaste and water I was able to remove the majority of the resilient color. I had to put my fingers under water, rub them with toothpaste, and let it soak for a few minutes, but overall it worked pretty well.

IMG_20140129_214749_312The worst part about this experience was rubbing toothpaste on my fingers. I did not much enjoy that feeling. However, it worked decently.

Takeaway: Random household products can be used for things other than their intended purpose. Check out Pinterest as many users are really good at finding and sharing them.


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Easy Custom Mugs!

Time commitment: 1 hour
Cost: $1-$10, free if you already have the mugs and markers
Ease of activity: 9/10
“Re-pin” Worthiness: 10/10

If you love coffee and tea as much as I do, which is a lot, then you probably have your fair share of mugs to drink out of. However, I don’t think you can ever have too many mugs! When my mom did this craft with our middle school youth group last night because someone donated a ton of mugs, I asked if I could nab a few. I later found a tutorial on pinterest and tried it for myself!


I loved the chevron pattern that the tutorial used, so I decided to recreate it and also try something more colorful. For the chevron, I used tape to make the vertical lines straight. Unfortunately, I didn’t think about the fact that I needed to have an even number of columns in order to make the lines line up (since each column’s lines switch directions), but I ended up making the handle black and scribbling in space on either side of it. I actually ended up liking how it looked!

2014-02-13 20.47.57 2014-02-13 21.25.43 2014-02-13 21.25.53I loved how this one turned out! Even though the lines weren’t perfect, I think it looks great. The imperfections are just part of the charm!

Next I tried something less geometric and decided a tree with colored leaves would look sweet. I put on the pink, then purple and finished up with the blue.

2014-02-13 21.39.152014-02-13 21.43.512014-02-13 21.47.042014-02-13 21.53.31

The mix of colors blend well and look awesome. I also put a quote on the back. 

2014-02-14 04.46.36

Once you’ve finished drawing, you place the mugs in the oven and turn it on to 350 degrees. It’s SUPER important that you let the mugs warm up with the oven. Leave the mugs in for 30 minutes and then let them cool down with the oven as well. After they cool you can pull them out and enjoy!

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The Olympic Games Workout

Well, the Olympics are here and if you’re anything like me, you could sit for hours and watch as young athletes twirl, jump and shoot their way to victory.


It’s exhilarating, really.

Isn’t it ironic, though, that we while we admire the work and dedication that carried these men and women to achieve their Olympic dreams, we sit on our couches eating potato chips and sipping a Coke?

Instead of letting the Olympics turn us into couch potatoes, we should let them motivate us to enhance our own physical fitness! Here’s a really fun Pinterest discovery that turned my Olympic TV time into an awesome workout.

->Olympic Games Scavenger Hunt<-

This idea is so fun because it’s a scavenger hunt workout. Watch for crying moms, listen for your national anthem, or the president of Russia, for example, and do the correlating exercise. This was an awesome way to spice up my exercise routine and make it really fun. (Bonus: the longer you watch, the more exercise you do and you’ll be on track for your own Olympic glory come the 2016 Rio Olympics!)

This is also way more fun if you have a workout buddy, so I recommend finding a spacious area where you and your friend will both have room to do some burpees and lunges. If you don’t have the space, though, you can take turns or do different exercises that your space allows. Whatever you do, try to get your heart rate up and I guarantee you’ll enjoy it.

So, friends, it’s your turn. Even if you’re not a gold medalist in Sochi, you can still work hard and achieve your personal fitness goals. Go ahead and play your anthem, whatever it may be. You earned it.

Citius – Altius – Fortius.

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Lamp Lift

aadab2afd0a8e50dc6689d20c762630f  I gave my lamp a new look by trying this pin!  The concept is simple-spray paint the base of a lamp and recover the shade.  You will need; a lamp post, lamp shade, spray paint, and fabric.  I chose navy spray paint as my base, and cute blue and white fabric to cover the shade.

photo 46photo 47photo 48

Please forgive the backdrop of my pictures.  I had to make my craft in the laundry room!

Before you began your spray painting remember to tape portions of your lamp you don’t want painted.  I taped the cord and top of the lighting fixture.  The pin instructions recommend sanding down the post with some sandpaper.  I skipped this step but I did wipe it down well and make sure that there wasn’t any dust or rough edges.

After my first coat of spray paint I turned to the lampshade. The covering for this shade is really easy because it does not fit perfectly to the shade itself.  It has a drape effect which is easier to achieve!

photo 50photo 53Cut a rectangle swatch of fabric as long as the base of your lampshade.  Place a thin line of glue along the edge and adhere to the inside of the shade.  While letting that dry put another coat of paint on the post.

I did three coats of spray paint on my post and that covered everything well.

The top of the lampshade is a little trickier.  I folded my fabric over creating five little pleats around the shade.  I then carefully glued the fabric to the inside of the shade.

After everything was fully dried I put my lamp together! I really like the finished product.  The pin instructions were easy to follow and it only took me a half hour to make!  I would recommend using this pin to recover your lamps.

photo 51

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If You Can’t Beat It, Join It: Finding Ways to Enjoy the Snow

The first snowfall of the 2013-2014 winter was on October 20 – 114 days ago. During that time, many Minnesotans have also experienced the coldest temperatures of the century. I think you’ll agree with me when I say that it’s time for the snow to melt, the trees to bud, and the flowers to replace the frost-bitten snow. Unfortunately, tonight’s forecast predicts…snow.

You’ve heard the phrase, “If you can’t beat them, join them.”

Well, I think it’s safe to say that the snow isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so we may as well embrace it. With that in mind, I began searching Pinterest for some fun snow activities, and once again, Pinterest came through. Here’s the Pin -> Snow Activities

I know what you’re thinking. “I haven’t done this stuff since I was in middle school.” Maybe, but trust me, friends, they haven’t lost their element of fun. So grab your snow gear, grab your friends, and head outside. Here are some of my favorite snow activities.

1) Sledding! If you don’t have a good sledding hill, having a car pull a sled is equally as fun. If you don’t have a sled, use a food tray or  even an old cardboard box!


2) Build a snowman/snow fort. This can be time consuming, but it’s totally worth it. Try a snowman contest with some friends.

3) Snowball fight. Ready. Aim. Fire.

4) Snow angels! You’re never too old for this.

5) Ice skating. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or you’ve never touched a pair of skates in your life, it’s guaranteed to be a good time.

There are so many more ideas of fun things to do in the snow, but here are just a few to get you started! I’d love to hear your ideas as well. The snow’s not going anywhere anytime soon, so get out there and make the best of it.

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Spreading Handmade Love

Homemade Valentine Card

IMG_20140206_193042_824Time commitment: 10 mins
Cost: $3-$4; or use old scraps of paper like I did and it’s free
Ease of activity: 9/10
“Re-pin” Worthiness: 9/10

Well, it’s that time of year again. And by that, I mean it’s the time of year when roses are $350 a dozen and chocolates in the shape of hearts are more populous than China.

No, I’m not bitter that it’s Valentine’s Day. But just don’t expect a non-sarcastic answer to anything said on Friday. I apologize in advance; it’s been a long week.IMG_20140206_192339_800

Anyway, February 14 doesn’t have to be a day where all the single people sharpen their pitchforks and go into hiding from all the twitterpated people in their midst. You can still spend the day spreading love.

IMG_20140206_193520_450Last week some of my friends and I decided to make valentines. I had seen a photo on Pinterest of a homemade valentine that I wanted to try and give to a friend of mine. The original was cute, but I knew I could do better. Adding a little newspaper behind the colors gave it a more rustic, hipster look.


Jane’s Valentine

The process was simple and quick and I ended up with a lovely card for friend. My 6-year-old friend Jane liked my idea so much that she tried it too. You know what they say: imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Takeaway: Valentine’s Day can be annoying. But take the opportunity to share love to a friend with a handmade gift or card.

 You can give without loving, but you can never love without giving.
~Victor Hugo Les Misérables

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Recover. Reuse.

TOMS-DIY-103_edit-470x260 America is a land of consumers.  When something is worn out we replace it instead of mending it.  Often, it doesn’t even seem worth it to re-purpose something when we can replace it so quickly.  However, I challenge you to reuse items you already have.

My pin for this post was pretty ambitious. I’m not extremely creative and recovering my Toms seemed like a pretty steep challenge.  After two years of wear and tear, these Toms were pretty worn out.  I took the leap and decided to re-cover them!

photo 31photo 32To begin you need; Toms (0r other shoes you want to recover), fabric glue, a good scissors, and fabric of your choice.  The basic concept of recovering is to follow the the natural fabric of the shoes.  Start in the front and work your way to the back.  I folded over the edge of the fabric into the shoes because I wanted to create a clean look. Making the slit for the elastic was a bit tricky. I eyeballed it and it turned out okay. photo 37photo 33

The hardest part of recovering the shoes is the back.  While you could cover the Toms logo, I wanted to leave mine on. I measured, cut around the logo and glued it on.  It didn’t turn out perfectly but the pin instructions didn’t give a better way to cover the back of the shoe.

photo 41photo 39I know you’ll want to wear your shoes right away but make sure you allow your shoes to dry for at leastphoto 45 24 hours after they are finished!

I was satisfied with the way my Toms turned out.  I took me about an hour to cover them both. The instructions didn’t have a good way to finish off the bottom so I am planning on putting ribbon around the fabric edge so that they have a more finished look.

I would recommend this pin!  It was inexpensive way for me to re-purpose my shoes. Would you try this?  How do you re-purpose your shoes and clothes to give them a new look?

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Patriotic Polish

I have to admit that I really enjoy the Olympics. I find myself being the smart-alec friend who knows a lot of the rules about different sports (thanks Wikipedia!). My favorite things to watch are figure skating and anything with snowboarding. I don’t care who you are, you  can’t help but feel patriotic while rooting on Team USA! I regularly sport an American flag keyboard cover, but I decided to support Team USA with this red white and blue manicure I found on Pinterest:


I used OPI Blue My Mind, Essie Fifth Avenue and So Easy Stripe Rite in white in order to recreate this look. I also used Scotch Tape.

I started with a base layer of the OPI. It’s a pretty thick polish, so I only had to do one layer. Let it dry completely before you start to tape it off in order to apply the red. If your tape is too sticky and it will pull up your polish, stick it to the back of your hand before putting it on your nail. In the pin, you can tell that the red stripes are hand painted and that she applied the white over the blue instead. I don’t own a white polish that has a standard brush, so I chose to do the Essie next. Since the base blue is so dark, it too a pretty thick coat of the red in order to get the color I desired. Too thin and it looked maroon.

2014-02-10 22.08.13 2014-02-10 22.08.50

After peeling off the tape (immediately, while the paint is still wet) and letting the red coat dry, I painted on the stripes. first I did the horizontals, then the diagonal. These look better on some fingers than others, since they’re freehanded. I also used a polish with a very thin brush. If you don’t have one, you can use the tip of a pen or pencil or a small paint brush. I decided to omit the glitter, since I didn’t have any that would go well like the original star glitter.

2014-02-10 22.24.46

2014-02-10 22.33.36

After they dried, I applied a top coat and viola a super patriotic manicure!

During the next few weeks, make sure you tune in to support our athletes. Do something out of your ordinary routine to show some patriotism! Go Team USA!

2014-02-11 18.58.14

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Carbs and Electric Blankets – A Journey of Trying

Peasant Bread

Time commitment: 4 hoursIMG_20140207_171904_964
Cost: $18
Ease of activity: 5/10
“Re-pin” Worthiness: 7/10

If only had to eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be bread. Seriously. Carbs are fantastic, and bread goes with just about every meal.

I love baking, but have never actually made my own bread from scratch before. So, as I was browsing through Pinterest I found a recipe that I knew I kneaded to try. (Sorry for that pun, I just couldn’t resist…)

IMG_20140207_193719_265Well, little did I know that there was a reason that I’ve never made bread before: it’s hard.

The recipe I found has only a few ingredients, and mixing them together doesn’t take long. However, having the bread rise was not as easy as it looked. To get the dough to rise I had to cover the bowls with a heated blanket on high for about 45 minutes. Let’s just say that an electric blanket is not on the list of ingredients.IMG_20140207_202617_041

Regardless of the unconventional baking methods, the bread turned out pretty well. There’s almost nothing better than warm, fresh bread and this recipe definitely fit the bill.

It’s not an overly cheap or fast project for the time and money deficient among us, but trying something new was worth it. And having delicious bread at the end of it was rewarding too.


So I encourage you to look on your Pinterest boards. What is on there that you’ve been dying to try? It may be hard, it may take more time and money than you’d prefer, but jump in anyway. All I’m asking is that you try.


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