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I Left My Heart In Minnesota… sort of.

Time commitment: 15-30 minutes
Cost: Free-$15, depending on how many supplies you need to buy
Ease of activity: 7/10
“Re-Pin” Worthiness: 9/10

They say that there are 2 seasons in Minnesota: winter and road construction. While I love the summers here, I can’t say I’ve ever been a huge fan of the cold and snow that comes with almost half of the year. As I prepare for graduation in May and look at finding a job, I find myself attracted to Washington DC and all it has to offer in the realm of political communications. I love the area and can not wait to transition into living away from home for the first time (because let’s be honest an hour away from home for college is really not being totally “away.”) However, I will always be a Minnesota girl at heart. The fishing off the end of the dock, wakeboarding, swimming, snowboarding and snowmobiling will always be fond memories, even while I’m climbing the ladder in our nation’s capitol. I decided that this week would be an appropriate time to make the below pin, so I have something to take with me when I move!


How adorable are these?! As you may have read, I’m kind of in love with glitter… so I was really looking forward to this craft! Here’s how I did it.

Construction/scrapbooking paper
A print out of your state (an outline works great!)
Glue (I used Mod Podge because apparently I don’t own Elmer’s glue)
A brush to smooth out the glue
A frame (if you want to, not necessary)

2014-02-18 20.28.56

I cut out the outline of Minnesota and then covered it in Mod Podge. I then dumped glitter onto it and pressed it down.

2014-02-18 20.25.51 2014-02-18 20.27.24

While that was drying, I cut my background paper down to the size of my frame. I also cut out a tiny little heart to glue on in over the area of my hometown. Once the glitter was stable, I Mod Podged it onto the background and also placed the heart. It turned out pretty well!

2014-02-18 20.42.57

Have you ever moved far from home? Across the country? What advice would you give me as I prepare to make my move?

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Easy Custom Mugs!

Time commitment: 1 hour
Cost: $1-$10, free if you already have the mugs and markers
Ease of activity: 9/10
“Re-pin” Worthiness: 10/10

If you love coffee and tea as much as I do, which is a lot, then you probably have your fair share of mugs to drink out of. However, I don’t think you can ever have too many mugs! When my mom did this craft with our middle school youth group last night because someone donated a ton of mugs, I asked if I could nab a few. I later found a tutorial on pinterest and tried it for myself!


I loved the chevron pattern that the tutorial used, so I decided to recreate it and also try something more colorful. For the chevron, I used tape to make the vertical lines straight. Unfortunately, I didn’t think about the fact that I needed to have an even number of columns in order to make the lines line up (since each column’s lines switch directions), but I ended up making the handle black and scribbling in space on either side of it. I actually ended up liking how it looked!

2014-02-13 20.47.57 2014-02-13 21.25.43 2014-02-13 21.25.53I loved how this one turned out! Even though the lines weren’t perfect, I think it looks great. The imperfections are just part of the charm!

Next I tried something less geometric and decided a tree with colored leaves would look sweet. I put on the pink, then purple and finished up with the blue.

2014-02-13 21.39.152014-02-13 21.43.512014-02-13 21.47.042014-02-13 21.53.31

The mix of colors blend well and look awesome. I also put a quote on the back. 

2014-02-14 04.46.36

Once you’ve finished drawing, you place the mugs in the oven and turn it on to 350 degrees. It’s SUPER important that you let the mugs warm up with the oven. Leave the mugs in for 30 minutes and then let them cool down with the oven as well. After they cool you can pull them out and enjoy!

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