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3 Hairstyles for Curly Hair

I have stick-straight hair, so a lot of the pins I see on Pinterest for hairstyles will never work. So, I recruited my friends Aunica to showcase some curly hair pins! I stared with a low messy bun with some side twists. It was pretty easy to curly her already curly hair around my fingers in order to get the top texture. I pinned them at the nape of her neck. I then gathered the rest of her hair and spun it into a bun, which I secured with a hair binder and bobby pins.  This is definitely something someone with curly hair could do quickly in the morning to dress up their look. Super easy!

Low bun

2014-02-20 22.06.58

Next I tried a pin that isn’t just for curly hair, but I really want to see it done. It’s a hair bow. You gather all of the hair in a ponytail and on the last time through the binder, you leave the ends in so there is a bubble of hair. Then you divide the bubble to either side and pull the ends of the pony (the tail) and pull it over to make the center of the bow. You pin them down with bobby pins to secure it. Fluff until you’re satisfied. I was actually really happy how this turned out, and it was super easy! I’m sure it would be more frustrating on straight hair, though.


2014-02-20 21.58.16

For the third style I decided to do a semi-up do. You leave all of the hair down and pull strands from each side. You twist them as you bring them in and fasten them in the center, I used a hair binder. You do the same thing twice more, further down the hair. While this one was easy, I can’t say it’s my favorite. It’s pretty, but just not my style.

Three Strand

2014-02-20 22.03.02

So are you like me and envy the hair type you don’t have? Do you think Pinterest makes this worse? Let me know in the comments!

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9 Easy Braids You Can Learn!

Braids are the best.  They can be dressed up for a night out or dressed down for a lazy day in sweats or for the gym. For today’s post I decided to recreate all of the images in the pin below! My lovely friend Sadie volunteered to have her hair pulled so that I could try these out!Braids PinUnfortunately, the pin doesn’t link to a tutorial, so I had to use my resources. I’m absolutely obsessed with the beauty vlogging community on Youtube, so I turned to them for help on this pin. I started with the basic three strand braid, which I have known how to do for as long as I can remember. Super easy! 3 strand The next one was a french braid, also pretty simple. French is when the hair comes over the top and down into the braid. FrenchThe reverse of the French braid is the Dutch braid, where hair comes up from the bottom and through the braid. This is the braid that’s easiest for most people to do on their own hair. DutchAll three basic braids are easy to do on your own hair. Now we get more complicated! The waterfall braid is a little confusing, since you pull strands of hair and drop them after one section of braid. I have done this braid before, but I never remember exactly how to do it, so I found a great Youtube tutorial. The one I found most helpful also taught the feather and ladder braids too!







These braids were super simple after watching the tutorial. They definitely look a lot more complicated then they are. However, they would be a lot more difficult to do on yourself.

The one braid I have never mastered came up next. The fishtail. I understand how to fishtail but no matter how many times I’ve tried it always ends up looking terrible. After several tries, I finally got one that I liked.


Lace braids are my favorite braid, but not the way the pin shows it. If you do it across the back of your head like in the pin, most of your hair ends up on one side of your head. This braid involves picking up hair from one side of the braid and never dropping it (Unlike the waterfall and the feather braids). I like to do them on one side of my head in order to pull back the hair that often falls in my face.

How I normally wear a lace braid

How I normally wear a lace braid



The final braid is a twist. I don’t think I would consider this a braid necessarily, and it’s hard to make it look as tight as it does in the pin. Doing this one made me miss my Conair hair twister I had as a kid!

TwistOverall, these braids were pretty simple  to do as long as someone was showing me how to do them. Here is the collage I made up to match the pin.

Cost: Free
Time Commitment: About 5-10 minutes per braid
Ease of activity: 8/10
“Re-pin” Worthiness: 8/10

Braid CollageWhat is your favorite braid? Have you tried these ones before? Do you have a braid you’d like to see me try? Let me know! Until then, happy braiding, friends!

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