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Keeping Calm and Loving Giraffes

Keep calm and go to the zoo

Time commitment: As long as you wantIMG_20140214_151040_072
Cost: The cost of your local zoo
Ease of activity: 10/10
“Re-pin” Worthiness: 10/10

It had been a long week. Between bad news from a friend, forgetting about an important assignment, and not sleeping – by the time I got to Friday I was at the fringes of burnout. Not to mention it was Valentine’s Day and the only plan I had was a date with a Shamrock Shake.

Then, as it often does in a time of need, genius struck. Or more accurately, Pinterest struck. Just scrolling along, looking for something fun to do, when I saw the pictured pin: keep calm and go to the zoo.d2b92aa5230a347f344386c739323332

You don’t have to tell me twice, so off to the zoo I went to get some much needed R&R.

I only live 15 minutes from the Como Zoo in St. Paul. They are open every day of the year, and it’s totally free. I’ve never gone in the winter, because: Minnesota. However, it was so much fun. The animals are kept inside so it’s actually a warm activity, and you are able to be much closer to them than when they are outside.

It’s important for you to understand that I love giraffes. No, it’s so much more than that. When I read an article last week about a Danish zoo killing a “surplus” giraffe to feed to the lions I actually cried a little.

IMG_20140214_151250_444So, by myself on February 14th in Como Zoo, I spent a half an hour just relaxing and watching the giraffes. It was easily one of the best Valentine’s Days I’ve ever had and it made me feel much better after a crazy week.

Takeaway: Sometimes the best Pinterest projects aren’t actually projects. Social media is a gift, but it can steal from us the joy of actually living. Pinterest can inspire you to go on an adventure and remind you that what you love isn’t on a screen at all.


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All Winter and No Crafts Makes Emily a Grouchy Girl

Mickey Mouse crochet hat


Time commitment: 9 episodes of Parks & Rec… Wait what? Uhh, I mean 3 hours…
Cost: $9
Ease of activity: 8/10 – with some previous crocheting experience, this is an intermediate pattern
“Re-Pin” Worthiness: 9/10

If you’re in Minnesota, polar vortex has hit us an upwards of 30 times this season already. If you’re anywhere south of the Mason Dixon line, you can just be quiet. We don’t want to hear about your frigid 35 degree weather.

While I was shaking my fist at Punxsutawney Phil for seeing his shadow this weekend, I was also inwardly giddy at six more weeks of wintry Saturday afternoons. Cold weekends in Minnesota were made for the crafty among us.

The warm indoors gives me an excuse to stay inside, binge on Netflix, and take out my crochet hooks.IMG_20140205_205620_438

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. “Oh, she’s one of those hipster girls who are trying to bring back activities that my grandma does.”

And to that, I can only say, “Yes, yes I am.”

While I’m not a hipster per say, I do think that I’m prepared for perpetual singleness with my cat, crocheting, and electric blanket. But seriously, crocheting and knitting are fun, easy to learn, and rewarding in the end.

This particular hat is something that I thought would be a lot harder than it actually was. The pattern was quick, free, and easy to follow.

IMG_20140202_152632_130I’m very excited about this hat because my older sister has loved Mickey Mouse ever since she was born, and is now pregnant with her fourth child. This hat fits at 3-6 months old, and will fit just in time for my new niece or nephew’s first Minnesota winter.

Take away: Learn a new skill or pick up a new hobby to pass the time during next few weeks of winter. Pinterest has great connections for beginner crafters for dozens of DIY projects.

Stay warm my friends. Yes, even you southern folk.

Do you have any projects you like to do on winter afternoons?


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